Terry Hildebrand-40-2

       Originally from a small town in Manitoba, I currently live  in Edmonton where I am working as a ceramic artist. In May 2014 I graduated with my MFA in ceramics from the University of Minnesota. I received my BFA Honours degree in May 2007 from them University of Manitoba.

        I make ceramic work out of porcelain, with a focus on functional wares. I fire the pieces in a soda, salt or a wood kiln to give them a delicate flashing of reds, oranges, blues and greens. The earthy tones reflect the earthen qualities of clay. I present my work in groupings, mostly on wooden trays. Good craftsmanship, ergonomics, and visual balance are important in my work. The main purpose of my utilitarian ceramic work is undeniably its function. The ritual of its use becomes a central experience. I create playful sets that  entice the users to interact with each other and the tray. The sharing of food, drink, fellowship, and play lie at the heart of our existence and the conscious ritual and enjoyment of these are greatly enhanced by the experience of the visual and tactile senses that the ceramic wares address.